Comprehensive List of LGBTQ+ Term Definitions

SAM KILLERMAN, who also created the useful visual “Genderbread Person,” offers a helpful list of terms and definitions to help us nuance our understanding of the problems with the gender binary. He also has an important article about how to use “continuums” as a way of resisting the gender binary. See, Anne Fauro-Sterling is not the only voice in this discussion.  I’m curious about the ways in which his writing speaks to you all. To what extent is it more accessible than Fausto-Sterling?


One thought on “Comprehensive List of LGBTQ+ Term Definitions

  1. In response to the list of terms and definitions I think that this list is extremely helpful and educational for those who do not know/understand some of these terms. On the other hand it also raises the argument about if labels for all of these different categories of sexualities/genders is positive or negative. I think there are pros and cons of each and would like to know what other people think about that. On the positive side these labels and categories provide terms for dialogue and allow for these important topics to be talked about by providing the language to do so. On the negative side it just creates more categories that people “fit” into. No matter how many terms are used I think there will always be someone that doesn’t fit in the categories and this can be problematic. Some of the definitions provided connected with those on the handout such as biological sex, gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation. There were also many terms that I was unfamiliar with and have never heard before so I learned some new words and definitions by reading through that list and found it very informative.

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