8 year-old boy writes a letter to Santa for kids to stop bullying his twin sister.

Happy Sunday, everyone! 🙂

I watched this youtube video this morning and it absolutely touched my heart. It’s so refreshing to see how love of any sort can spread awareness to those around them. His twin sister has been suffering from bullying and was on the verge of committing suicide. The kids at her school taunt her about her weight and are constantly harassing her. Instead of asking for materialistic things, he asked Santa if he could stop the kids from bullying her. He said “God has been busy” and was hoping that this was an acceptable wish that could hopefully come before Christmas. Their mom struggles to pay the bills especially since she is a single mother with two kids. I imagine that there are more stories of bullying but it brings joy to my heart to see kids trying their best to stop it from happening. More and more kids think that suicide is the answer because they begin to hate themselves because they do not understand why kids can be so cruel and can say hurtful things to other kids without even thinking the damage they could do. Nowadays, I see kids judging other kids by their weight and the way they decide to dress. The fact that it is already engraved in a child’s mind so early on to judge someone so harshly especially when the other child just wants to be left alone is sad to see. Hopefully more kids and adults begin to spread the message of NO BULLYING because this is something that needs to stop.


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