Class Notes 09/17/2013



  • Gaga Feminism
  • “Bathroom Problem”
  • we don’t let our children be sexual enough

F2M: The Making of Female Masculinity: Discussion of Things that Struck Us

  • Gussie had surgery with out knowing
  • CONSENT for medical purposes
  • 5 sexes, should there be only 2 sexes? principle of not doing harm
  • medical ethics
  • denial of care based on transgender identity
  • resources are there if you have ACCESS to them
  • 40% of trans attempt suicide
  • denying humanity
  • gender is a performance
  • social context: use the term “they”
  • if you are within the community of trans/intersex/ambiguous genetalia
  • Bradley Manning
  • NPR – becoming a woman (sacred, but not necessarily valued)
  • NPR – people called her a fraud because she didn’t “become a woman”
  • double bind of periods
  • morality of today = selfishness
  • post-modern lesbian body, all about appearance, not essence
  • little boys are more directive
  • little girls are more constructive
  • is this socially constructed??? yes and no, biology does not exist in a vaccum

How to make us feel more confident?

  • “we are all transexual” – Halberstam
  • every person is slightly differently gendered
  • skin is just another way for us to “pass”
  • “race change” is okay, sex change is not
  • feelings of guilt (white, heterosexual, etc…)
  • “othering”





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