Amber Alert

I’m really into spoken word poetry and I had found this poem a while ago on Brave New Voices, a show that features young men and women performing their own spoken word pieces. I have always loved this poem ever since I found it and I started to go on youtube and look for it and I realized the original is actually longer than the one they performed for Brave New Voices. I put the link below so you guys can watch it.

Every time I hear this poem I get chills. But what they are speaking is true. It is crazy what we do to look pretty. And one line that always stands out to me, which I think relates to some of the topics we will start talking about soon, is “At least I will always be pretty enough for news coverage.” I believe this is true about our society. I very rarely see missing signs of young men, however I don’t believe its because young men don’t go missing. I feel that there needs to be a certain look that people that make it on the missing signs have to have. And their pictures are never everyday pictures, its always their class photo or something where they have makeup on and their hair is done, which I don’t feel would be how you would actually see these young girls if you spotted them on the street. This poem always makes me think about how much our society asks of us and how sometimes it can be our downfall too. What do you guys think?


One thought on “Amber Alert

  1. Wow. Chills! I also noticed the line about always looking good for news coverage, and I’ve never thought of that before! You’re right, no one would notice the girl who went missing because she probably wouldn’t have make-up on anymore or look anything like her photo. But risk showing an “ugly” or “plain” girl and no one will feel sympathy for her. “Oh, what a shame, she was so pretty” has probably been said my millions watching news reports of missing women. This was great, thanks for sharing!!

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