The Body Positive

The Body Positive

The Body Positive, which Women’s Studies brought to Denison in the fall of 2010, is a program that encourages us to examine and redefine messages about health and beauty, and explore tools for making peace with your critical voice, your body, and your life. Their primary work is to create Body Positive communities nationwide, where selflove, positive body image, and excellent self-care are the norm. They work to implement creative teaching tools to challenge societyʼs narrow standards of beauty and health, so that people of all sizes, shapes, colors, and ages can see—and express—their unique beauty, and develop sustainable, pleasurable self-care behaviors that will carry them through life.

At the very least, I encourage you all to visit their website and think about incorporating the five competencies of The Body Positive’s philosophy into your lives: 1) Reclaim Health, 2) Practice  Intuitive Self-Care, 3) Cultivate Self-Love, 4) Declare Your Own Authentic Beauty, and 5) Build Community. Thinking grandly, I would love to see Denison reinvigorate its former interest in developing a Denison Body Positive Community. {Hint: Incorporate into final project ideas, anyone??)




One thought on “The Body Positive

  1. “Develop a health-centered vs. weight-centered approach to self-care”. This quote was on the Reclaim Health section. I’m a bit of a wholesome lifestyle nut so I really love this approach. I really wish it was a more popular way of doing things as opposed to extreme dieting or shady supplements. I’m anemic and I was in GNC the other day to pick up my iron supplement and I’m always amazed at the stuff they sell. There are so many incredibly unhealthy things people will put in their bodies in an attempt to change its appearance.

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