What example are we setting?

After talking so much about the body, I could not help but remember an incident that happened about two years ago. As an individual that grew up watching Disney Channel, I can honestly say that it is not the same. As a kid, I grew up watching ‘Boy Meets World,’ ‘Lizzie McGuire’ and ‘That’s So Raven,’ which are shows that actually displayed real life situations such as bullying, eating disorders and so on and how we should take situations such as those seriously. Now that I see my younger siblings watching Disney Channel today, I’m a little bit worried. Demi Lovato, who was the star on ‘Sonny With Chance’ ended up quitting the show due to her eating disorder. She took the initiative to receive treatment for her bulimia and considering that it took a lot of strength, Disney Channel took an insensitive approach. In the show ‘Shake It Up,’ the main characters made a comment/joke about eating disorders. Not only is that insensitive to the fact that Demi Lovato had to quit her show due to that but what message are we spreading? It’s already difficult enough that the younger audience that continues to watch shows and stars that they look up to talk about subjects such as an eating disorder and completely disregard the fact that it is a serious issue. An eating disorder is NOTHING to joke about especially when the statistics of young girls and boys that suffer through all different kinds of eating disorders is becoming a huge issue.


Here is the link to the article,



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