Breaking News: Facebook reveals the worst in people


Trigger warnings: eating disorders, sexual assault
Hello everyone,

This image was posted on Facebook recently by a Facebook friend of mine. This person, to the best of my knowledge, identifies as cisfemale and heterosexual. She also used to be my best friend in middle school. Life happens and people grow apart, and we tend to keep in touch via the traditional method of “liking” a status or photo now and then. Based on what I remember of her (in middle school) and the very little you can glean of someone’s life from Facebook, I was surprised to find she had posted this image. My friend is someone who has struggled with eating disorders, body image issues, and dating problems since middle school; despite and because of that, I believed her to be a particularly independent and strong person. I don’t mean to say that she is not those things; rather, I’m experiencing some cognitive dissonance between what I remember about my friend and what this image says about her. To me, this message is a misogynistic, chauvanistic, aggressive, heterosexist,  heteronormative, vulgar, violent perpetuation of the normalization of sexual assault as a courting pattern. She posted it yesterday and as I am writing this, it has received 12 likes and her own mother commented on the image, “Love that!”
I commented on this photo immediately when I saw it, “hahaha wait really”, intending to show my complex feelings in a simple, humorous, and nonconfrontational manner. In a time where mothers “love” their daughters’ asses being smacked by “polite dicks,” I am simply at a loss for words.


One thought on “Breaking News: Facebook reveals the worst in people

  1. I definitely had the same reaction to this that you did. I also remember a time where I thought things like this were funny/okay because I was not aware of all of the many many many problems that come with it. Or rather, I didn’t take the time to think deeper into it. It is shocking to me that her mother would comment on this saying that she loved it but it exemplifies the lack of awareness and the very real problems that are still perpetuated every single day. This shows male dominance, disrespect, and sexual assault as something that is desired by “every girl”. This has its own problems in that it can speak to younger girls and influence them thinking this is something they want and it can also speak to men showing them that acting in this manner is acceptable and something that is desired. Thanks for sharing that!

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