Spoken Word “Sons”

Hey everyone! 

So I attached another Spoken Word poem. I’m grappling with it a bit. I’ve watched it about three times and I can’t quite figure out how I feel about it. It is an interesting look at the perpetrators of sexual assault in a way that doesn’t blame the victim but doesn’t seem to blame the men either. I would appreciate any opinions about parts you appreciated and parts that you found to be problematic as well! 




One thought on “Spoken Word “Sons”

  1. This was an amazing spoken word piece. I strongly believe in what they are saying. The victim should never be blamed in a sexual assault, however if we keep teaching our daughters how not to get raped instead of teaching our sons how not to rape, we perpetuate the problem. Further, if they end up going to jail for their crimes, our jail systems are not rehabilitating, as they should be. They are not learning anything more by being in jail except what they did was punishable by law. They are not taught how to stop this from ever happening again or why their actions were considered rape. We do have a rape culture and I believe that this poem articulates well why it is so problematic.

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