Another Case where Women Can’t Consume: Blame the Rapists, not the Drinking

Another Case where Women Can’t Consume

I’ve been continuing to think about a blog post I made a while ago about an article called “I’d Rather Risk Rape than Quit Partying” ( and again, what our obligations are to other bodies and our own in regard to consumption of alcohol.

It is striking to me that in our general culture, and specifically within rape culture, the women who are generally considered to be at risk of being raped are the ones who are encouraged not to drink, rather than the men who would potentially be the ones at risk of raping someone. (I realize this is gender-normative language, and that men and women may be guilty of this crime, but I’m thinking of this in light of women’s consumption).

Even when it comes to drinking, and this kind of horrific victimization, the blame is still often put on women, rather than men, for consuming too much. This article pointed to so me of the issues I have with that.


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