How to Make a Rape Joke

When is it ok to make a rape joke? is It ever ok? Why do people find these so funny?

This article talks about how Daniel Tosh “rape joke became controversial. I know this might be old (its a year old) but i still think its important to talk about it.

To my personal opinion a rape joke is never ok.


One thought on “How to Make a Rape Joke

  1. Thanks for posting. This is something that upsets me quite a bit.. I remember going to see a comedian my freshman year at Denison who made either a rape joke or several… and SO many Denison students got up and left. It was in the fall and one of the first experiences that really made me appreciate the Denison community’s general desire to confront issues.

    Rape jokes in my mind are never ever okay because they are one of the only jokes that CAUSE the issue. While jokes about things like disabilities are generally not okay either, they don’t really cause the disability or other issue. Rape jokes help to create a culture where rape is acceptable and thus HAPPENS. And that’s what it comes to for me.

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