Manic Pixie Dream Girls

“But I refuse to burn my energy adding extra magic and sparkle to other people’s lives to get them to love me. I’m busy casting spells for myself. Everyone who was ever told a fairytale knows what happens to women who do their own magic.”

The full article is attached!

When I was reading it, I was thinking about all of the books and movies that I love that have this aspect to them. This trope of the “manic pixie dream girl.” 500 Days of Summer, all of my John Green books, etc.

” I tried and failed to be a character in a story somebody else had written for me. What concerns me now is the creation of new narratives, the opening of space in the collective imagination for women who have not been permitted such space before, for women who don’t exist to please, to delight, to attract men, for women who have more on our minds. Writing is a different kind of magic, and everyone knows what happens to women who do their own magic – but it’s a risk you have to take.”

The article itself is a little hard to follow but I think there are important ideas that are explored, introductorily so, in it. I would love any thoughts or opinions on the article!


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