Edits of Beauty

Edits of Beauty


Hopefully everyone is able to open this link because I am HORRIBLE with computers.

Oh, and speaking of computers…

What you are about to open is the power of what “editing” can do. We’ve seen situations in which women are edited “correctly” whether it’s on a magazine, commercial and so on but have we literally focused on every aspect that is edited? It is SO frustrating to see what is considered “wrong.” In class we’ve talked about the slenderness of the body and about the work that is done to fix certain “flaws” such as breasts implants, nose jobs and etc but looking at this image, you can see them rearranging the size of their legs, arms and feet, the color of their hair and EVERY SINGLE THING THAT IS ON THAT WOMAN’S BODY.

1. Are you kidding me?

2. Not ONLY are they having this preconceived idea of what the women they want for this ad/commercial to look like but they are purposely pinning out women that “look” like they have the potential to be that woman that have constructed into their head!

There have been MULTIPLE situations in which women that are in these ads/commercials have been victimized of edits and fixes. We’ve seen situations with celebrities but also with women that do not look like these edits celebrities. All in all, who are we exactly looking up to in terms of who we should look like? Women that are also being fixed but are simply in the lime light so that can get across the message of a NON EXISTENT WOMAN?!

I honestly don’t get it. Editing/fixing women through the aims of technology is not going to create this ideal woman for anyone therefore forcing this idea of beauty is pointless. Every single woman has a beautiful and unique aspect to them and I wish that that was shown through the media and not what these damn computers can do with a body!


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