Pages Matam – “Piñata”

Pages Matam – “Piñata”


This poem touched me in ways that I honestly can’t even describe. It hurts me in every way possible to know that there are people out there in the world who comment on real life situations and treat them as if it’s not a problem. Rape has always been a problem and for those that kick it to the side and belittle a part of a person that has been torn and can no longer be the person that they once were… that is when I have an issue. How can you look, let alone stand next to someone and tell them that they are too ugly to be raped? What kind of person are you that you have the audacity to tell a person why they were taken advantage of. If we want to progress as a society, we need to correct the ignorance of people like him. If you have been raped, you do NOT deserve side comments from people that will NEVER understand the physical and mental torture that you went through. I can go on and on about this and that’s the thing… listening to this poem and multiple of other ones that are out there, I don’t think I can get over any of them. I’m in too deep when it comes to the topic of rape…

And for the man on the bus, I hope one day he’ll see how much rape continues to be an issue despite of how you look like, despite of what you wear, despite of it all.


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