10 Ways We Body Shame Without Knowing


I came across this article a few different places before I decided to read it. I’m glad I did – I don’t think I necessarily learned anything new, but it caused me to think about my social interactions differently. It’s very common to pass judgment, even benign, on what/how/how much someone is eating, without even noticing. My own diet has (consciously) become healthier over the past few months, resulting in an inclination to notice when others are not eating what I would consider healthy – specifically, one of my roommates eats what I would call “junk food” for almost every meal, and I know I have made comments about it. My intention was not to judge but to look out for my friend’s nutrition and health; now I can see quite obviously how this is none of my business and could very well have had the opposite effect from what I intended. What is healthy for me could be unhealthy for someone else and, more importantly, my judgments of that could be even unhealthier.

Post-Thanksgiving food for thought.


One thought on “10 Ways We Body Shame Without Knowing

  1. I’m really glad you posted this and that you applied it to your life too. Especially upon going home for Thanksgiving I have been hyper-aware about how we (generalizing as a culture, but myself and my family in particular) often make comments like “She would be really pretty if…”, etc. Becoming aware of the issues with comments like those in this article seems like a good first step to changing how we speak about bodies. It’s funny (and sad), though, at how normalized these critiques have become in our culture and language. Is it really any of our business what people look like? Sometimes it might be if you’re worried about someone’s health, but that brings us to the idea of fat= unhealthy and fatty/”junk” food= unhealthy. I love that you included, “What is healthy for me could be unhealthy for someone else” because that’s something I think we miss out on a lot too. Bodies are different so the same things might not work for different people!

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